Black and Brown Striped Opaque Thigh Highs

Black and Brown Striped Opaque Thigh Highs

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Sometimes you want the best of both worlds. You want the health benefits of dark chocolate but you crave the tantalizing sweetness of milk chocolate. The stripes on these tights are like alternating pieces of dark and milk  chocolate. They're both wholesome and decadent. So, have your chocolate and eat it too! Or, rather, have your tights and wear them too!

These thigh highs are soft, opaque, and have the thickness and texture of tights. They generally stay up well on their own but, depending on your leg size, may require the help of garters or body glue.


Sizing:  One size. Fits women's shoe sizes ~ 4 to 10. 

Fibre Content:  Nylon: 50%, Polyester: 48%, Spandex: 2%

Made in:  Taiwan