Ruby Red Slipper Socks

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Click those heels 3 times and say "There's no place like home. There's no place like home..." These socks are very reminiscent of Dorothy's ruby red slippers in the Wizard of Oz. They would certainly make a great addition to a Dorothy costume. And, they will make you want to return (or stay) home with their coziness. The wonderful anti-slip grips of these slipper socks will help you maintain your poise while you walk down the yellow brick road (or just simply around your abode). Best of all, the red part of these socks sparkle! Who says slipper socks have to be boring?


Sizing:  One size. Fits women's shoe sizes ~ 4 to 10. 

Fibre Content:  Cotton: 76%, Nylon: 12%, Spandex: 9%, Rubber: 3%

Made in:  Taiwan

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