What my favourite socks say about me

Can you learn anything about a person based on what socks he or she wears? I don’t know, but I do believe that some of the sock choices I’ve made are a reflection of who I am. So, here are some of my favourite socks, why I love them, and what I think they say about me.

Strawberry Jam Knee Highs

Strawberry Jam Knee Highs 

My favourite jam is strawberry jam. For me, eating it is a multi-sensory experience: the bright red colour, the coolness on my tongue, the sweet smell, the tantalizing taste, the sound...umm... the sound of the jar popping open. In some ways, I aspire to be like jam. Not the squished part (though I certainly have my squishy parts), no, I’d especially like to be bright and sweet. I love the things that jam is often paired with like croissants and scones and toast. Mmmmm! Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal, and the Hobbits had it right with their second breakfast. So, maybe the thing that my Strawberry Jam Knee Highs reveal most about me is that I enjoy food, glorious food!

Butterfly Crew Socks

Butterfly Crew Socks

Some socks you choose because they represent who you are, and some socks you choose because they represent who you aspire to become (a little too philosophical?). Well, these socks are definitely the latter. Looking at them makes me feel carefree, as though I'm flying like a butterfly. The fun colours cheer me up and remind me to relax, let go, and have fun. Speaking of fun colours...

Rainbow Piano Knee Highs

Rainbow Piano Knee Highs

These socks combine two of my favourite things – rainbows and pianos – into one awesome sock! To me, rainbows symbolize hope. They appear in all their glory after the storm. And, the colours of their refracted light are so beautiful! I adore colour (in case you haven’t already noticed). Why? It adds a jolt of excitement to life. 

Now, on to the piano part. I love music, and the piano is my favourite instrument to play. For me, sitting down and playing the piano is a wonderfully therapeutic experience. It’s always the perfect medicine for a gloomy day, and a wonderful way to celebrate joyous times in life.

So, that’s how I see myself in my favourite socks.

What do your favourite socks say about you?



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