Sweet Marcel - Wearable Art

Sweet Marcel socks are wearable art - take a look at their designs and you’ll see why. They’re wonderfully unique and have been inspired by cultural treasures around the globe. Each pair of socks has a story that tells where Sweet Marcel’s Amy Lawler found her design inspiration.

Here are a few:


Polly Knee Highs

“Polly is short for Pagliacci, the Opera Clowns. The teardrop-shaped motif is inspired by the Pagliacci makeup tear.”


Heidi OTKs

"This Scandinavian inspired design is perfect for lounging around the house on a chilly winter eve. Gussie up this Nordic influenced design for an evening out." 


Folklore Crew Socks

"Motifs were frequently used by Folklorists to tell a story. The hawks represent power, majesty, and victory. The leaves represent land and Mother Nature."



Maria OTKs

"Inspired from an architectural design detail of a church in Costa Rica. Maria was the name of the woman we befriended.”

Take a look at our entire collection of Sweet Marcel socks!

Which design story do you like best?


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