Yay, Sock Garden Site Design Update!

So you might notice that the site looks a bit different lately. Well, our site designer has been furiously working away behind the scenes to bring some updates to the shop!

We'd like to draw attention to two changes in particular:

1. Mobile Improvements

We wanted to improve the shopping experience for customers using mobile devices.

Let's say you happen to be outside on your phone, and after a brisk gust of fall air brings you a sudden chill, you decide to have a look at our cozy new Nordic Leg Warmers. You'll now see something like this:

Mobile Screenshot

Sock Garden Mobile Screenshot

Pressing that menu button will reveal (tada!) our main product categories, as well as links to other important things like shipping & returns information, how to contact us, and of course links for logging into your account. If you're on a tablet, you'll get a similar view. (And, since the site is now 'responsive', if you're using your desktop computer and want the thrill of the mobile experience, you can try it out by making your browser window smaller. Wheeee!)

We think it is a lot more convenient for shopping on your mobile, and we hope you do too. :)

2. Filtering Collections

The number of items we carry has doubled recently, and very soon we'll be adding even more lovely socks. As the collections grow, we thought it was time to make it easier to sort through them and find your 'sole' mate. So take a look at any collection, and you'll now find that you can sort (e.g. newest first), and filter (e.g. pink knee high socks with animals). On the desktop, filters are at the left of all collections - on tablets and phones, you'll find a filter button that will open up the options to let you narrow things down.

We hope you enjoy the new changes. We love to get feedback from customers so that we know what we're doing right, and what needs improvement. So if you have any comments or suggestions about the changes (or anything you'd like to see in the future), please get in touch!



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