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What my favourite socks say about me

Can you learn anything about a person based on what socks he or she wears? I don’t know, but I do believe that some of the sock choices I’ve made are a reflection of who I am. So, here are some of my favourite socks, why I love them, and what I think they say about me. Strawberry Jam Knee Highs   My favourite jam is strawberry jam. For me, eating it is a multi-sensory experience: the bright red colour, the coolness...

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It's not the end of summer yet!

Yay, Labour Day weekend is here! Alas, it means the end of summer is approaching. But, thankfully it is not over yet. It’s technically not fall until September 23rd, so we still have a few weeks to go. (Cue happy summer-is-not-over dance.) In honour of Summer’s last hurrah, here are a few socks that remind us of the longer, warmer days:       At the beach!   Celestial scenes!          Botanical beauty!   What do you plan to do...

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Fun Socks in Bloom!

Fun Socks are in bloom at Sock Garden! We are very excited to be bringing fun, quality socks to Canadians online! To kick things off, shipping will be FREE across Canada on all orders (check out the details here). You can take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer until the end of September.   So, shop our collections of:   crew socks (women's and men's), knee highs, over-the-knee socks, thigh highs, and tights!             HAPPY SOCK SHOPPING!

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