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Happy Valentine's!

Here's a little sock poem for Valentine's Day: I LOVE SOCKS! I love socks - the way they hug my feet,Cozy and soft, they're a tactile treat! They bring me warmth and prevent frostbite.I love their fun colours - dark and bright. Who knew these socks within my shoes Could cheer me up and fight the blues?There's not a one I'd want to lose...I love my knee highs and cute crews! Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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Introducing... Kid's Socks!

Now we've got socks for little feet too! Here are some of the new children's socks we carry:                                                                                 Sizes of kid’s socks with corresponding age ranges:  Age Shoe Sizes 2-4 Toddler 7-11 5-8 Kids’ 12-4 9+ Women’s 4+ (Men’s socks start at size...

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Yay, Sock Garden Site Design Update!

So you might notice that the site looks a bit different lately. Well, our site designer has been furiously working away behind the scenes to bring some updates to the shop! We'd like to draw attention to two changes in particular: 1. Mobile Improvements We wanted to improve the shopping experience for customers using mobile devices. Let's say you happen to be outside on your phone, and after a brisk gust of fall air brings you a sudden chill, you decide to have a look at our cozy new Nordic...

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Sweet Marcel - Wearable Art

Sweet Marcel socks are wearable art - take a look at their designs and you’ll see why. They’re wonderfully unique and have been inspired by cultural treasures around the globe. Each pair of socks has a story that tells where Sweet Marcel’s Amy Lawler found her design inspiration. Here are a few:   Polly Knee Highs “Polly is short for Pagliacci, the Opera Clowns. The teardrop-shaped motif is inspired by the Pagliacci makeup tear.”   Heidi OTKs "This Scandinavian inspired...

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Faux Footwear

Now that colder days are approaching, it’s time to start thinking about fall footwear (the days of bare feet or sandals will soon be behind us). While there are many exciting possibilities out there, all of them have one shortcoming: they aren’t nearly as comfy or breathable as just wearing your socks alone! Wouldn't it be great if you could have the look of shoes and all the comfort of soft, warm socks, without having to actually wear the shoes? Not possible, you say? Yes,...

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